How to withdraw DRE token on the transaction page
How to withdraw tokens successfully!
Withdraw DRE token tutorial (2:02)
Step 1: Visit the link: https://ico.dreamlauncher.org/
Step 2: Login to the page.
Step 3: When you are on the homepage (dashboard), click the "WITHDRAW" button or "WITHDRAW" on the transaction page.
Choose "Withdraw" Button
Step 4: Select coin to withdraw.
Select coin
Step 5: Enter the wallet address and the amount of tokens you want to withdraw. Then, click "WITHDRAW" button.
Enter the wallet address and the amount of token
Step 6: Confirm the transaction.
Confirm your transaction
Step 7: Wait a minute to complete the transaction. Login to "Metamask" to check the number of tokens transferred to the wallet.
Check "Metamask"
Now, you already own the DRE token. We sincerely thank you for supporting us!!!
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