How to join the whitelist in the public pool
Please read the following guidelines carefully!!!
Good to know: You can only be added to the whitelist and have the right to buy tokens when you are already a user of the system, which means you have completed KYC.
If you don't know how to do KYC then visit this tutorial link (...)
Step 1: Access the pool during the whitelist opening time. Click the button "Apply for whitelist". Then, this link will take you to a form where you can enter some information.
Click the button "Apply for whitelist"
Step 2: You must enter some user information such as wallet address, email,... to make it easy for KYC. At the same time, we'll have you answer a few project-related questions.
Enter your infomation
Answer some questions about the project
P/s: We will ask different questions for each pool
Step 3: Click the button "Submit" to have them record your answer.
It will take a few days for us to review your application. After reviewing and adding you to the pool's whitelist, we will publish the whitelist on our social media (Twitter, Facebook, Telegram,...) during the whitelist opening or after the whitelist ends.
Hope you follow the results on our social media.
If you haven't followed their Twitter yet, click here https://twitter.com/DreamLauncher21
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