How to buy DRE token on the transaction page
How to trade tokens successfully!
Buy DRE token tutorial
Step 1: Visit the link: https://ico.dreamlauncher.org/
Step 2: Login to the page.
Login Page
P/S: If you do not have an account, go to the registration page (https://ico.dreamlauncher.org/register) to create an account.
Step 3: When you are on the homepage (dashboard), click the "BUY DRE TOKEN" button or "BUY TOKEN" in the sidebar.
Click to redirect the "buy token" page
When the phase is active, you can purchase DRE by sending BNB, ETH, USDT.
Step 4: Enter the amount of capital you wish to invest. Then, click the "BUY DRE NOW" button.
Enter the amount of capital to invest
Step 5: A pop-up appears, to the address we give you from any of your wallet.
The transaction popup
Step 6: Open the Metamask wallet, send the tokens to the address we provide for you.
Send token
Amout of the tokens
Send tokens to our address
Enter amount of token
Confirm the transaction
Step 7: After the transaction was confirmed, wait a minute (5-10 minutes) for the transaction to execute.
Success message pop-up
Step 8: You can check your transaction history on the transaction page.
Transaction history
We sincerely thank you for supporting us!!!
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