Tokenomic’s DreamLauncher
Information of our token

1. Key metric

Token Name: Dream
Ticket: DRE
Blockchain: BSC (Binance Smart Chain)
Token Standard: BEP-20
Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 DRE
Contract: 0xD724E90E7E41Cb88d3445Bcf0F1E5CF4b357DEA9

2. Token Utility

Stacking for pool access

Access to the private pool will be restricted to DRE holders. Investors who want to participate in a token pool must have at least a certain amount of DRE tokens in order to participate. Please be aware that some token pools will have a restricted number of investors, therefore investors must calculate their stacking amount to guarantee that they are among the top investors in order to enter the pool.

Stacking for Governance

In the near future, investors can vote on which DreamLauncher token pools will be sold first, the sort of token pool, the stack size required to join the pool, and so on. The list of pools will be posted on our social media pages, and all investors will have 1 month to vote for their favorites. Please be aware that all projects featured on our social media have been carefully selected by our council and will be available for purchase on DreamLauncher.

Stacking for tier user

Stacking DRE can help investors boost their tier. The average number of DRE tokens placed hourly over the last 30 days will decide the tier. Higher-tier investors have a better chance of joining the token pool because they can buy more tokens.

Liquidity Mining

To encourage users to join token pools, we’re launching a liquidity mining program. This software will extract tokens for liquidity mining from the liquidity pool and distribute a fixed number of tokens monthly. We’re now mining DRE, with 200.000.000 DRE going to liquidity.

3. Token Distribution and Allocation

4. Token Release Schedule

Seed Sale: Lock 24 months, 20% unlock monthly over 5 months ➢ Private Sale: Lock 12 months, 12.5 % unlock monthly over 8 months ➢ Airdrop: 2.5% monthly over 40 months ➢ Liquidity fund: 4% monthly over 25 months ➢ Marketing fund: 5 % monthly over 20 months ➢ Team, Advisor and Foundation reserve: 1 year lock, 25% monthly over 4 months ➢ Public Sale: Unlock after Public sale period 1 month
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Author: Nguyen Ngoc Duc