Roadmap 2021 & 2022
Our roadmap in 2021&2022
Roadmap 2021&2022
Detailed Roadmap 2021 & 2022
We’re very thrilled to share our first roadmap with you. It will also describe the DreamLauncher platform and its future plans.
The roadmap will be divided into two phases:
Phase 1: A minimum viable product (MVP) will be deployed on the Binance smart chain network. During this phase, we’ll test some user services including swapping and claiming tokens, pool membership, and KYC functionality, as well as gather user feedback and build a solid infrastructure for future iterations.
Phase 2: We will improve functionality for projects that will be launched on our platform, as well as investor features like KYC and private pool. Aside from that, our project is compatible with a variety of chains (BSC, ADA)

2021 - Phase 1 (Minimum Viable Product)

2021 August - Establishment of DreamLauncher idea - Taking a survey market of IDO - Planning for a MVP version - The main site created
2021 September - Investment’s UI created - Smart contract created
2021 October - Completing an MVP version - In search of some potential projects to launch on the platform. - Developing platform community - Launching the MVP

2021 & 2022 - Phase 2

2021 November - Token created - Whitepaper created - Gain 1–2 upcoming projects on the platform - The first ICO - The first airdrop
2021 December - Making private pool feature - Multi-chain support
2022 January - Forking another version for only education projects - Gain approximately 100 subscripts - Launching DreamLauncher version 2