Introducing DreamLauncher
Introducing DreamLauncher, the IDO Platform for multi-chain token pools
Decentralized Finance (DeFi) solutions are rapidly gaining market share from centralized exchanges, adding billions of dollars in trade volume to the cryptocurrency marketplace. People are no longer unfamiliar with blockchain, and cryptocurrency is steadily proving its worth.
Numerous blockchain and NFT projects arose as a result of this growth, providing many appealing options for cryptocurrency investors. This success is accompanied by a number of significant hurdles, particularly in terms of scalability, with Ethereum network fees skyrocketing and platform performance that frustrates end-users.
Users want low-cost transactions, safe ultra-fast swaps, a user-friendly interface, and the ability to buy and sell assets across blockchains. Interoperability is already becoming a must-have aspect of the DeFi future, as the future of decentralized finance will not be tethered to a single chain. Also, any IDO platform on a new possible network chain, such as ADA, dfinity,…, can provide superior computation with reduced transaction fees.
DreamLauncher was created with this goal in mind: to provide a decentralized exchange across new potential blockchain platforms. To bring promising “Decentralized” enterprises to investors sooner rather than later, and via stringent filtering
DreamLauncher plans to release and develop the IDO system early on the prospective network ADA, with the goal of being the first in the area of IDO on this network. In addition, the aim is to expand on additional possible networks.
Other features include permissionless listings, smart contract-based token swaps, private pools whitelisting, KYC user profiles, and more.
Be the first to attain your virtual dreams.
Details on the private sale and the whole plan will be announced shortly, so stay tuned to our Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, and other social media channels. Come fly with us on the journey of pursuing virtual dreams.
Author: Nguyen Thanh Minh Duy.
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